1. Simply Install the ArchLauncher
2. Login and Play Archlight!

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Issues Running/Installing The Client? Check Below

Error: Connection Error 10060
Cause: Firewall/antivirus blocking the client
Solution: Add the archclient (not the launcher, the client exe itself) as an exception to your antivirus/firewall

Error: vcruntime140.dll missing, can't start the client.
Cause: you are missing the Microsoft Visual package.
Solution: Download the package for your system either x64 for 64 bit or x86 for 32 bit, install both packages if the issue persists. Download Windows Essentials Pack

Error: 0xc000007b
Cause: Corrupt, wrong or missing DLLs
Solution: Redownload the client/launcher, always start as admin, re-install the Microsoft Visual Package

Running in Administrative mode can also fix some issues. Scan Results