Latest Changelogs 4/20/2023

27 April 2023 (15:14) by Archlight Team

● Fixed an issue where Protection Time at Guild Siege Statues would be cleaned on reboot.


● Disabled Darkness Olympus Hydra Piranha Crawler mechanic.  


● Added a message on !corruptionLeak command saying if the Corruption is already leaking or if it's on cooldown.


● Added multiple dimensional choices to all Darkness Spawns, which will increase all available spawns by 5.


● Added multiple dimensional choices to all Olympus Regular Spawns, which will increase all available spawns by 5.  


● Inertia Glyph now works with Helping Weapon - Guardian Auto Attack Awakening Effect. 

Easter Event 2023

06 April 2023 (13:28) by Archlight Team

We're egg-cited to announce our Easter event, starting today, April 6th! This event is going to be active throughout the entire season and it brings rewards that you won't want to miss.

So get ready for some egg-cellent fun in this year's Easter Event! We can't wait to see you there.


During the event, any dungeon and quest completion will grant each player 5 Chocolate Easter Eggs.

Upon doing in-game activities that uses stamina, players have a chance to get an Easter Essence. Once triggered, an animated text “!easter” will appear on top of the character. Typing “!easter” will popup a window with a simple mathematical question. If solved correctly, players will receive a random amount of Chocolate Easter Eggs from 12 to 15. There’s a limit of time spending stamina for the Easter Essence to trigger.

Chocolate Easter Eggs can be dyed at Easter Island, which can be accessed through the portal at the depot. There are different rarities of Easter Eggs:

Green (Common)


Yellow (Uncommon)


Blue (Rare)


Purple (Epic)


Red (Legendary)

The rarity received upon coloring the Chocolate Easter Egg is random. Higher the rarity, lower the chance!

There’s one NPC for each Egg Rarity. The items that can be bought by each NPC are the same, but the amount of eggs required depends on the rarity.


Here’s a list of the items each NPC sells:

Carrot Spaceship Mount [Exclusive]

Tier 5 Health/Mana

(2% health/mana and 40 power)


Pink Spaceship Mount [Exclusive]

Tier 5 Attack Power

(15 attack power and 40 power)


Easter Bed Furniture

It grants 500 energy. Can be used once every 23 hours.


Naga Nest Furniture

It grants +15 attack power and +3 to all stats for 23 hours.


Baby Dragon Furniture

It grants +5% Monster Essence for 23 hours.


Arboreal Tome

It grants +3% resistance and +5% cooldown reduction permanently. This may only be used once.


Lilypad Backpack

This backpack has a passive bonus of +15 attack power and +10% experience. This means it doesn’t need to be equipped to grant the bonus.


Living Archlight Token Shop

Easter Evil Egg Furniture [Exclusive] - 3 LAT

It grants +8 all stats for 23 hours.


Easter King Frog Furniture [Exclusive] - 3 LAT

It grants +15% loot slimes find and +15% gold nugget find for 23 hours.


Easter Bunny Egg Furniture [Exclusive] - 3 LAT

It grants 8% resistance for 23 hours.


Easter Chicken Furniture [Exclusive] - 3 LAT

It grants +20% experience from Wargates monsters and 5 Wargates Currency on each Wargates Victory for 23 hours.


Miscellaneous Changes

Added Profession Safari Ticket to market.

Increased the experience loss on PvP by 5x.


Vocation Changes


Increased Base Weapon Damage from 19 to 22.



Increased Forgotten Soul Rune’s cooldown from 2 minutes to 2.5 minutes.


Minerva’s Uprising

Increased density of monsters on Arcane and Corrupted spawns.

Latest Changelogs

04 April 2023 (20:31) by Archlight Team

[Olympus] Fixed Zeus to properly engage into the second weapon task. 

[Olympus - Hades] Players must now equip the forgemaster weapon(sword , axe or club) to qualify for drops. if the player is not, it won't be considered, on top of that, if it is actually trying to drop the weapon, a message will be prompted which will aid in evaluating players that aren't equipping the items correctly and due to that are not dropping the weapon. 

[Raids] Added a message showing when players were checked by the boss when inside, or when joining the raid, the players that join will now be added to the rewards list as well this is to possibly address the issue of players sometimes not receiving their shards;

● Fixed an issue where Minerva was spawning multiple times on the raid.

● Updated the Prestige Level required for bounty and daily tasks from Darkness Otherworlds monsters from 5 to 1.

● Reverted the change that would reduce experience lost depending on how many attackers killed a player.