Pre-Launch Adjustments

13 May 2022 (09:16) by Archlight Team



● Auto Loot and Market items periodically not showing has been fixed. As well as predictive searches added to Auto loot.

● Auto Loot will now search containers in depth. That is, if there's a container inside of the original backpack set, items will be added there, and so on.

● Added a new client option to allow users to manipulate the opacity of their own effects, other players effects and monster effects.

● Summons will now have the same cap attack speed as their master.



Olympus changes


Changes to Olympus Ring/Amulet:


  ● It's no longer heirloom.

  ● Base chance to drop has been doubled. (We'll keep observations open on how the rate feels considering the drop rate of scaling with luck and effects in game.)

  ● Now to upgrade the item, another item of the same stage is required. It only increases one stage. IE : 2 level 2 accessories of the same type make a level 3.

  ● Olympus amulet and rings still are not soulbound on drop. But become soulbound on equip for the first time. This is not reversible and if your slot is open when it is looted it will auto equip. (Not a change just notifying you all how it works for planning. Staff will not unbind accessories for any reason.)

  ● Now effects require to have slain the Hydra (it includes The Awakening effect).



Prestige adjustments


  ● Added Dodge cap (10%).



Olympus quest changed related to Prestige

This means that these quests will no longer have an Awakening Level requirement. But you must still complete the missions with Perseus and in game

  ● Prestige Level 1 is now required to access Euryale.

  ● Prestige Level 2 is now required to access Stheno.

  ● Prestige Level 3 is now required to access Medusa.

  ● Prestige Level 4 is now required to access Hades.

  ● Prestige Level 5 is now required to access Hydra.


Important news


● In order to balance the late game a new formula was introduced. The damage provided by stats diminishes it's contribution as the amount of stats grow. This is not a penalty to players for being stronger or ahead of the curve. Please think of this just like leveling or training skills. The high level or skill you have the more it takes to "get the next level and be stronger". This new formula will allow for much easier balance of all stages of the game. By manipulating a "curve" effect of when a class scales. So if something is scaling to hard at a stage we can edit it easily.


● Added a 1s internal cooldown on The Awakening from Olympus accessories. (This is not only for balance but for server performance, it is non-negotiable as of now)

● Cosmetic Bonuses Health and Mana now scale off your base maximum health and mana, instead of current values. This was done for the revamp of stats and characters. They still provide a sizeable benefit to any collector. We will monitor base hp pools to see if larger buffs are needed to the characters. Keep the feedback open.

● Skill cosmetics were converted to Attack Power. Doing so they were adjusted in terms of total power since AP added power but the raw cosmetic adds power. They are adjusted to be in line with HP/MP or other non AP bonus cosmetics now and you won't see a "double dip" effect.





● Piercing Round's awakening effect now increases 1% per point instead of 2%.

● Piercing Round's effectiveness cut in half. From 50% to 25% on regular spell, from 80% to 40% on Outlaw specialization.

● Attack Speed was capped into 7 atk/s;

● Legendary spell awakening effect changed:

For 7 seconds, your auto attacks will deal 10% more damage for each enemy nearby. We will be adding a total buff cap in the near future as well.

● Max amount of clones was reduced from 12 clones (3 groups of 4) to 8 clones (2 groups of 4); Clones still provide the damage bonus each just a limit was put in place.




● Shadow Step is now a support spell and no longer has damage. The cooldown will be 100 MS in line with the new support spell functions.

● The Awakening now doesn't cast Shadow Step, Blink Step and Clone Jutsu.

Legacy Doorbusters and Races!

10 May 2022 (16:06) by Archlight Team

This Seasons Doorbuster is the Void Aura

This Aura comes free for the first 50 people to buy the largest donation packs (1 per pack). After this, it can be purchasde normally from the LAT exchanger for anyone who didn't get one in the doorbuster.

Void Aura - 8 LATs (Or Free with Doorbuster)

Tier 6 Health/Mana, Attack Power

Power: +50

AttackPower: +25

MaxHP: +2.5%

MaxMP: +2.5%


Void Bundle

Includes all 3 Void Cosmetics at a 25% discount.

Void Wings: 8 LATs

Void Mount: 8 LATs

Void Outfit: 8 LATs


Void Wings - 8 LATs

Tier 5 Monster Essence & Health/Mana

Power: +40

MonsterEssence: +7%

MaxHP: +1.5%

MaxMP: +1.5%


Void Mount - 8 LATs

Tier 5 Health/Mana

Power: +40

MaxHP: +2%

MaxMP: +2%


Void Outfit - 8 LATs

Tier 5 Attack Power

Power: +40

AttackPower: +18


House Decoration

The Bundle Item will support shaders and could be used as a house decoration if unopened


Darkness Wings - Obtained Ingame or on Wheel of Archlight (Get Free Spins with Donations)

Lootable in game through different darkness sources, Prestiging will tell you a story of how to obtain them.

Tier 4 Monster Essence

Power: +25

MonsterEssence: +3%


Robot Outfit - Thank you to Archlights Testers

Believing in the importance of our testers/editors and their outstanding role and the help they provide behind the scenes, we decided to design them specifically made cosmeticy for the commited testers behind this latest season. 


Cosmetic Races

Autochess has been removed from contributing towards Achievement Point Races


First 50 Players to 200 AP

Veteran Paladin Outfit

Tier 4 Health & Mana


First 25 Players to 300 AP

Ghost Blade Outfit

Tier 5 Health/Mana & Attack power



All players to obtain 150 AP

Boreal Owl

Tier 3 Health & Mana


All Players to Obtain 500 AP

Trailblazer Outfit

Tier 4 health/mana




First 25 Players to Slay Hades

Tier 5 attack power




First 40 Players to Prestige 3

Tier 4 attack power & health/mana




All Players that Prestige

Grove Keeper Outfit

Tier 3 monsters essence



ArchPass Rewards

Level 50 - Bogwurm

Tier 3 health/mana


Level 100 Blazing Outline Shader

Tier 4 monsters essence/attack power


The first 50 Prestiged players to slay more than 30 Olympus Gods will be rewarded with:

Radiant Raven

Tier 4 attack power


The 50 after (100 total players) will receive

Lagoon Saurian

Tier 3 health/mana

Legacy Character Creation & Accounting Merging

06 May 2022 (16:22) by Archlight Team

With the Opening of Character Creation we would also like to teach you how to Merge your Ildar & Dracona Accounts to your newly created Legacy Account.

If you are new to Archlight, or only played Abaldar, this below is not needed! Simply make an account, character, and you're ready to play on May 13th!


How to Merge your Accounts

**The merge process is not reversible!** 

1. First register a brand new account on our Legacy Website that you will use to hold your Dracona & Ildar Accounts.

2. Create a new account

3. Manage account > Press merge Legacy account button

4. Choose which world you need to merge their account

5. Enter your crendtials [Account/password]

6. Then double check if your account belongs are being shown correctly, in affirmative cases you can merge that account into yours by completing the process pressing **Merge Account**. Bear in mind that this process is irreversible, though it is needed in order to access older accounts belongings

7. Click Retrieve Account

- The system enables merging multiple accounts from **Ildar** and **Dracona**, and in case they are merged together, players will still be able to receive their points and belongings as if there were multiple accounts. In other words, having multiple accounts merged will still grant you the additional points on the start of the season because its drops will be considered separately, this way avoiding players having to login into multiple accounts for transferring their points to the main account and also enabling them to focus their security efforts on a single account instead of multiple.

- Players who have more than one account , every merged account will add the same amount of points/tokens.. that you were supposed to earn as separated accounts into your main you've just created, following the normal drop order so you don't need to worry login on different accounts and transfer points however the system should simulate you entering on multiple accounts and transferring them.

- Points will not be dropped to a unique account however the new drops system will calculate how many points you have to drop from each account and drop the total amount.

- You'll not be able to **authenticate** using old credentials anymore so you need to create a new account.

- Through new commands in-game you will be able to check when the new drops will occur, and which will be the total amount of points dropped on the new drop. The new commands are respectively !drops and !nextDrop.