Changelogs 12/19

19 December 2023 (22:55) by Archlight Team


● The Permafrost Queen's Reward Pool (christmas raid reward bag) will now drop Christmas Tokens.

● Fixed an issue with the Olympus Speed Run challenge (Slay the Hydra before 10 days of launch) wasn't properly working. The time to slay it has been increased from 10 days to 14 days temporarily due to the issue. Next season it will be back to 10 days.

● Fixed an issue where the resistance from certain upgrade levels, such as +31, weren't properly working.

● Fixed an issue where invisibility was being canceled upon casting healing spells.

● Fixed an issue where the Elemental Shields resistance increase from points and guaranteed effect weren't properly working.

● Fixed an issue where Daily Training - Absorb Summon effect, as well as its guaranteed effect from Monk weren't properly working.

● Fixed a description issue on Dragon Blade - Dragon Rush Artifact Effect from Samurai.

Elite Monsters

● Devilish, Primordial, Abyssal, Infernal attack strength has been reduced by 20%.

● Devilish, Primordial, Abyssal, Infernal gold essence multiplier has been increased by 50%.

● The aura to identify them has been updated to a big lightning to make it easier to see.

Christmas Event

● Improved the system to allow Christmas Portals to also be dropped on alternate dimensional hunts such as Darkness hunts, portal dimension hunts and duplicate spawns;

● Adjusted the chance to get portals on brackets lower than your character power;

● Improved the description for the !christmasportal command which now consider the correct mobs from the dimension you currently are, and also describing the power brackets of the player versus the mobs in case they are incompatible;

● Reduced the amount of points needed to gain a Christmas Token inside the portal going from 15 points for a token to 10 points increasing up to 30% the amount of tokens obtained each portal;

● The maximum player power bracket that is considered is bracket 9, this would make sure that players that are on a higher power bracket but doesn't have enough prestiges to access hunts from brackets 10 and 11 can still benefit from the pity system of the event;

● Killing mobs that have a bracket smaller than your considered power bracket will not count towards the pity system and will have a much lower chance of dropping portals, this already happened before, but was rebalanced;


Christmas Event Starts Tomorrow, December 15th!

14 December 2023 (16:55) by Archlight Team

As the snowflakes dance gently from the sky and the world is blanketed in a pristine layer of white, it can mean only one thing - the Christmas event is here! It's that magical time of year when the joyous jingles of bells and the warmth of camaraderie fill the air.

Christmas event is back, just in time to kindle the holiday spirit in each and every one of you. This festive tradition brings laughter, goodwill, and a touch of winter's enchantment.

Christmas Events & Quest Line ​

Our legendary Christmas event and Santa Questline are gearing up too! In addition to the patch, we're rolling out our traditional Christmas event, running concurrently offering a festive quest line accessible to all Archlighters through the green portal in the depot.

By completing this questline, you will become a citizen of Santa's town, scoring four fantastic freebies! An Elf Backpack +0.75% Resistance, +3% Base Health/Mana Regen

Tray of Milk and Cookies - Increasing the regen from potions/runes by 10%

Reindeer Companion +2 to all stats

Santa Knight Outfit (Tier 2 Hp/Mp Outfit!)

Also this year, you will be able to get multiple free cosmetics by common daily gameplay!

Contribute to 3 World Bosses to unlock a free Brown Sled Mount! (T2 attack power)

Complete 15 Dungeons to unlock a free Dark Red Sled Mount (T2 attack power)

Complete Any 10 Story Quests to unlock a free Santa Immortal (T2 attack power)

Alongside the Santa questline, we're bringing back the North Polified alternate reality event this year! When you are killing creatures, there is a chance of dropping a Christmas Portal, by entering the portal you are sent to a North Polified alternate reality of your current location. When you join a Christmas Event, you will enter as either Santa or the Grinch! As Santa, you will save the presents, as the Grinch, you will destroy them! Regardless of Santa or Grinch, you will have 30 seconds to find as many hidden presents, gifts and Christmas themed items as possible! Based on the amount of things you find, you will be rewarded Christmas Tokens!

Additionally, dungeon boxes will all have an additional drop for the Christmas Season! Dungeon/Quest boxes will now also drop 1-2 candy canes (+5 energy when eaten) AND a christmas token! Christmas Tokens can be turned in at the North Pole for free Christmas Presents!

Christmas Gift Exchanger

The color of the present does not change the rewards.Christmas Present rewards can also all be rewrapped if you do not like the reward! If you don't like a reward you get, you can simply take it to Johnny the Wrapper and sell it for wrapping paper, to wrap a new present to open!

Johnny, The Wrapper

Christmas Present rewards can all be rewrapped if you do not like the reward! If you don't like a reward you get, you can simply take it to the gift wrapper and sell it for wrapping paper, to wrap a new present to open!

Christmas Presents can contain any of the following items , they could be bought from Christmas Gift Exchanger.

Christmas Snorlax Companion (Ultra Rare) (Heirloom)

+5 to all Stats

Christmas Yeti Mount (Ultra Rare) (Heirloom)

Tier 4 Attack power

Christmas Presents Furniture (Semi-Rare)

+4 Stats for 23 Hours. This can be used for multiple stat categories

Small Christmas Tree(Semi-Rare)

+20 attack power for 23 hours.

5 Small Christmas Trees can be exchanged for 1 Medium Christmas Tree at the Woodcutting Profession Station.

5 Medium Christmas Tree's can be exchanged for 1 Large Christmas Tree.
Medium Christmas Tree - +40 Attack power for 23 hours.

Large Christmas Tree - +75 Attack power for 23 hours.These bonuses do not stack

Christmas Bed Kit (Ultra Rare)

Stores 480 Energy, Generating 480 in 24 hours.

Christmas Table Package(Ultra Rare)

+10 Stats for 23 Hours. You get to choose 1 of 2 styles for your Christmas Table! However, only can only benefit from the buff once

Present Wings (Ultra Rare)

Tier 3.5 Monster Essence Find (+3%ME) (Multiples do not stack)

Christmas Wings (Ultra Rare) 

Tier 2 Health & Mana

Snowman Companion (Very Rare)

+3 to all Stats

Blue Cape Snowman Mount (Rare)

Tier 3 Hp/Mp

Red Scarf Snowman Mount (Rare)

Tier 3 Hp/Mp

Santa Snowman Mount (Very Rare)

Tier 3 Hp/Mp

Santa Hat (Rare)

Provides the user with 50 Energy every 23 hours.

Santa Doll (Rare)

1.75% Resistance Trinket

Santa Backpack (Ultra Rare)

Grants 25+ attack power & -6% spell cooldown

This backpack like Craftsman Backpacks can be used in any slot and still benefit from the backpack. However only 1 can be used.

Grinch Companion (Semi-Rare)

+1 to all stats

Leaf Golem Santa (Semi-Rare)

Frazzlemaw Santa (Semi-Rare)

Snow Flake Tapestry (Uncommon)

Christmas Cookie Tray (Uncommon)

Gives 50 Energy when consumed

Christmas Tree (Uncommon)

Christmas Wreath (common)

Gingerbread (Common)

Gives 20 Energy when consumed


The Queen of the Permafrost Mini-Raid

Every 4 hours after the reboot, a portal appears in the Christmas Camp. Beyond it, the Queen of the Permafrost awaits, trapped in her icy cocoon due to the relentless cold and the relentless snow-hating monsters. A global announcement echoes through the city, explaining that this portal is a chance to break her icy prison and thwart those who seek to keep her frozen.

Entering the Queen's Chamber, you find her standing there, but a 5-minute delay is in place for everyone to prepare. Health is vital for what lies ahead. Your mission: defeat as many snow monsters as possible in that chamber. Each monster defeated brings you closer to shattering her icy encasement and freeing her.


Arctic Frostshade

Icicleus Hermitor


Glacian Warlord

As you break the icy shell, the Queen undergoes a magnificent transformation. Players can interact with her to receive random rewards from her generous pool of gifts.

The portal will vanish after 30 minutes.

Permafrost Queen’s reward pool


Wrapping Paper [guaranteed]

Archlight Token [guaranteed]

Blizzard Crystals [guaranteed]

Description: These crystals contain the power to awaken your potential. Each crystal completes the remaining experience of your awakening level to your character.

Gold Nugget [Common]

Arctic Gem [Common]

Consuming this item grants +10% experience for 1 hour.

Frostheart's Bounty [Rare]

Consuming this item fully restores the user's energy.

Marvelous Ice Flowers [Rare]

Consuming this item increases the overall damage by 2%.

Permafrost Elixir [Rare]

Description: Consume this elixir to restore 50% of your maximum health and mana instantly. It has a 5 minute cooldown.

Cerulean Abyss [Epic]

Description: Consuming this item will grant +15 permanent attack power.

Permafrost Relic [Epic]

Description: Consuming this item grants +1.25% permanent resistance.

Queen's Blessing [Epic]

Description: Consuming this item grants damage increase against monsters by 2.5%.

Frozen Charm [Epic]

Description: Use this charm to obtain the Frozen Pelt Mount! [Heirloom]

T3 Health/Mana

Permafrost Crown [Legendary]

Description: A majestic crown, glistening with the essence of the Permafrost Queen herself. When consumed, grant +5 to all stats.

Global Bonus

Experience, essences, loot, and gold gains are all increased by +5% for 2 hours after freeing the Queen!

New Rewards added to Christmas Portal Event!

Upon completing the Christmas Portal Event, players may also drop the following items (in case they’re eligible to earn usual Christmas Tokens):

Norseman Doll [Rare]

Boost all stats by +3 for two hours.

Raccoon Santa [Rare]

Consuming this item will increase the chances of spawning a Loot Slime by +5%.

Yeti Doll [Epic]

Consuming this item grants +15 Attack Power.

Frozen Heart [Epic]

Consuming this item grants +1% resistance.

Gleaming Starlight Vial [Legendary]

Consuming this item grants +1 skill level to all professions.


Donation Store

Living Archlight Token

Ferumbras Snowman [4 LATs] [Heirloom]

This furniture grants +20 attack power and +10% loot chance for 23 hours upon use. It must be placed on a house.

White Lion [4 LATs] [Heirloom]

T5 Attack Power

Snow Shader [4 LATs] [Heirloom]

Tier 5 attack power

Christmas Tokens - 1 LAT for 50 tokens


Special Gift: Log in on December 24-25th and get a free snow outline to celebrate christmas even more on that special day! , so you can enjoy the day and show off your festive spirit , the cosmetic isn't heirloom but comes with Tier 3 health/mana.


Christmas Tokens Npc


Consuming this item grants +3% gem effectiveness.

Merry Garb Outfits Token [Heirloom]

Tier 4 Health/Mana

Holiday Mammoth Mount [Heirloom]

Tier 4 Attack Power

Eye of the Chasm
Consuming this item will grant +10% permanent monster essence chance.

Purifier for Lost Souls

Holding this item increases the darkness shards drop by 10%.

Changelogs 12/11

11 December 2023 (12:56) by Archlight Team


● Fixed stairs not working on olympus and forgotten islands.

● Removed the decorative Gold Currency Ingot from the Stronghold.

● Added protection zone around Julieta (Prisons NPC) and Daily Woodcutting/Daily Woodwoorking NPC.



● Fixed an issue where the Robot Outfit didn't have a Tier on the hover description.

● Fixed an issue where the stamina and training tokens would only be given after 1 hour of server uptime while on depot.

● Fixed an issue with Druid's Animal Form - Merlkin Form Awakening Effect, where the automatic Starfall wouldn't trigger Awakening Effects.

● Fixed an issue with Monk - Absorb Summon Awakening Effects, where upon casting, healing spells wouldn't heal.

● Fixed an issue where Elite Monsters could spawn inside of Wargates.

● Updated the message received upon failing to find a dungeon to players below 400 power.

● Dodge has been fixed. This change had already been hotfixed a couple hours after yesterday's reboot.