Changelog May 30th

30 May 2022 (17:21) by Archlight Team


● Fixed an issue where sometimes items weren't stacking properly.

● Fixed gem exchange token to work on the stack you are using into, this way not pushing gems from other stacks with undefined behavior.

● Fixed rounding strategy on the stats calculation process, which could, in rare cases show up that increasing the amount of points would not help or even decrease the amount of attack boost when checking on the window.

● Fixed an issue with hovering over Berserker's Hell Artifact, showing the incorrect value.

● Fixed an issue where players who have prestiged at exactly level 1000 wouldn't receive the 20 Attack Power they were supposed to. Players affected will receive 20 Attack Power on login and the issue has been fixed for future prestiges.

● Fixed a ton of players and monsters spells that its shoot effects were not showing correctly when inside dimensional hunts.


Miscellaneous Changes

● Added Rift Knife to be sold on Darkness Lestrange NPC in case you lost it somewhere.

● Updated Broadcasts with old links and information.

● Added the same camouflage system from Prisons, to Wargates. That is, upon joining, players will remain unattackable until they walk.

● Added !professionBoosts command to display profession boosts (passive and enhancements)

● Added information on Vyktor regarding the Awakening Stat Points granted upon re-leveling, while prestiged.

● A limit of 1500 Attack Power for each Attack Power Potion has been added. This value was adjusted to fit the player with the most amount of potions used.

● Archlight Tokens and Gold dropped by Loot Slimes will now be automatically deposited.

Changelog May 25th

25 May 2022 (12:32) by Archlight Team


● Grasping

       ● [PVE only] now it will forcibly paralyze the creature by 40% on tier 1, 60% on tier 2 and 80% on tier 3.

● Standardized the Tier 2 Soul Runes effectiveness to be 10% stronger than Tier 1.

       ● The Tier 2 Soul Runes affected were:

       ● Archer: 120 > 115

       ● Berserker: 170 > 168

       ● Death Knight: 93 > 95

       ● Druid: 132 > 131

       ● Guardian: 0.023 > 0.022

       ● Gunslinger: 83 > 85

       ● Monk: 72 > 73

       ● Rogue: 72 > 73

       ● Samurai: 341 > 339



● Increased Vocation Base Weapon Damage from 17 to 19.

● Decreased Focused Shot - Breaking Bones awakening effect damage buff increase from 100% to 30%.

● Fixed an issue where Arrow Volley Guaranteed Effect wasn't working.



● Soul Rune effectiveness reduced from 10 to 6 on Tier 1, from 11.5 to 6.6 on Tier 2.



● Reduced Hell Artifact bonus per level from 10% to 5%.

● Decreased Relentless Rage - Relentless Whirlwind Swing damage percentage from 65% to 55%.



● Increased Cannon Barrage base damage from 77 to 89.

● Increased Second Wave base damage from 81 to 93.

● Increased Run The Barrel base damage from 45 to 54.



● Soul Rune will now only hit the center once.

● Reduced Merlkin Form attack power buff from 40% to 20%.

● Increased Chilling Waves base damage from 97 to 107.



● Increased Vocation Base Weapon Damage from 17 to 18.



● Reduced Cap Attack Speed from 8 attacks per second to 7 attacks per second.

● Fixed an issue where Focused Art was still granting the haste condition, even though it wasn't granting any speed.



● Reduced Doppleganger base damage from 550 to 250.



● Tiger Blade has had its damage removed and it's now a support spell, with a 100ms global cooldown.



● Increased Eruption base damage from 121 to 145.

● Increased Destruction base damage from 129 to 155.

● Increased Vortex Breath base damage from 217 to 260.



● Crossfire

       ● Fixed an issue where Explosive Arrows wasn't granting the damage bonus effect to your pet.

       ● Fixed an issue where Fellow Hunters wasn't granting the damage bonus effect to your allies.

● Unending Bond

       ● Fixed an issue where awakening this spell wasn't granting the guaranteed effect.

       ● Reduced base spell duration to 10 seconds, awakening it will now make it 15 seconds. Points will increase the duration.

       ● Reduced the damage bonus from 30% to 20%.

● Reduced pet base spell damage from 144 to 90.


Changelog May 24th

24 May 2022 (12:51) by Archlight Team

We will be pushing a balancement patch notes tomorrow, we've heard your guys concerns with some specific vocations, but we want to avoid pushing changes to only a couple vocations each day. We feel like its more fair to push changes to several vocation at once.



● Fixed Outlaw Refuge Sigil Dungeon where two teams where entering on the same instance.

● Fixed Lava Prison's Solo Dungeon having an "use with" kind of item which triggered going to darkness dimension, now another item was selected to trigger the portal.



● Fixed prestige level not showing up when the message was sent from another world.

● Fixed minor map issues, such as stairs not working and black tiles.

● Darkness wings will now give T5 attributes instead of T4.

● Otherworlds Warleader Dead Stone NPC one-time task will now yield 15 points instead of 10.