Changelog March 30th 2023

30 March 2023 (12:34) by Archlight Team


● Fixed an issue where members that didn't have plotsManagement could build new buildings.


● To finish the Hydra fight, only one player is required to cast the God Spell. This is a temporary change to address the issue of players not getting the fight contribution, since they were required to leave the party to cast the God Spells, resetting contribution. To be clear, players are required to stay in party to get contribution for the fight.


Darkness Otherworlds

● Increased the Experience Rate from 4x to 7x. This grants better Monster Essences.



Vocation Changes


● Increased the Forgotten Soul Rune damage from 65 to 85.

● The Forgotten Soul Rune can now also be casted on self, on which case, the damage will be caused at the caster's position at all turns.



● Reduced Spinning Blades base damage from 50 to 45.

● Reduced Smash base damage from 325 to 276.

● Fixed an issue where Smash - Stone Rain effect wasn't stunning as intended.



● Reduced Hell Artifact's effectiveness per level from 10% to 7.5%.



● Reduced the Vocation Base Weapon Damage from 21 to 18.



● Increased Infused Energy Beam base damage from 110 to 127.


Wizard Spells

● Zaqor's Wisdom is now a support spell, instead of attack spell.

● Increased Azax's Zeal base damage from 100 to 120.

● Increased Oxon's Loyalty base damage from 125 to 150.

● Increased Minerva's Corruption base damage from 150 to 180.

Changelog March 27th 2023

27 March 2023 (12:53) by Archlight Team

Fixed an issue where players couldn't remove defenses from Siege.

Reduced Siege's Ballista range from 10 to 8. Fixed an issue that it would still hit enemies through walls and out of range.

Fixed an issue with Bounty and Daily Tasks creatures that despite considering access, it was not considering Prestige Level correctly.

Fixed an issue with Berserker's Forgotten Soul Rune and Reflex Glyph, that were unintentionally working on Zaqor's Tower Survival Challenge and PvE events.

Reduced the spawn range from creatures on Zaqor's Tower Waves challenge.

Fixed an issue with Monk's Absorb The Elements - Fire Summon damage. It was causing 0.5% damage instead of the intended 50% damage. 

Following Survey's results, the Minerva's Race has changed: it will now be unlimited and it will be granted upon triggering the introduction cutscene. Players that have done the cutscene will receive it on login.

Latest Changelogs

27 March 2023 (09:07) by Archlight Team

● Fixed an issue where Sharptooth Sword, Axe and Club reward chests weren't working properly.

● Fixed an issue that could cause guilds to unsync in some rare cases.

● Fixed an issue where World Boss monsters were broadcasting their loot to the server.

● Fixed an issue where Berserker's Life Steal was healing on Wargates after the boss died.

● Fixed an issue where reconnecting the client could in some cases result on not being able to move.

● Fixed an issue where players could join events even inside dimensional hunts.

● Re-added missing bonuses to Everblazing and Sharpwings companions.

● Fixed an issue with the Health Bar Color which would change to red even if the player was an ally.

● Fixed an issue where players couldn't see the description of some backpacks upon hovering over the item on Player Inspect.

● Fixed an issue with some Special Furnitures where their bonuses wouldn't be applied through the Special Furniture Window.

● Added cosmetic bonuses to Chicken Mount: T6 Health/Mana (2.5% health/mana and 50 power) and to Purple Swords Aura: T6 Attack Power (30 attack power and 50 power).

● Fixed an issue where the text above the teleports on depot weren't being displayed.

● Fixed an issue where Bounty and Daily Tasks brackets weren't considering access for Darkness Otherworlds monsters.

● Solo Arena will now grant an amount of Glyph Tokens regarding the bosses players have skipped. That is, if you died on wave 45, next time you will start at wave 35, therefore, skipping 3 bosses and losing 9 Glyph Tokens. With this change, players will receive the Glyph Tokens accordingly.

● Fixed an issue with Minerva's Raid, where players weren't receiving the race win as intended upon defending Minerva. Players affected have already received their race win.

● The movement speed from monsters from the new Minerva's Uprising content has been doubled.

● Hide and Seek event will now broadcast to Seekers how many Hiders are left.